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About MUC

I always have loved Sci-fi and Dystopian post-apocalyptic stories. Most of the books, movies, and video games dealing with these subjects take place in New York or other big cities in the US, sometimes in London or Australia. Bust rarely in a German city.

In my opinion, the apocalypse won´t stop at national borders though. That´s why I developed a post-apocalyptic novel which story takes place in Munich, where I lived when writing the book. It was scary and a lot of fun to imagine how Munich and the landscapes close to the Alps would look like in a distant future, forever changed by a big catastrophe.

In MUC humanity has almost died out, only two percent of the world´s population have survived a deadly virus.

Nature is once again ruling the planet. Everything is covered by deep woods, wild animals are roaming the empty cities.

In this world, the few surviving humans are nothing more than an impurity. But humanity is not willing to give up yet…