Look who’s here!

The world’s best assistant, aka Gaby. What’s up, guys? Missed me? Of course, you did, I mean, why wouldn’t you since I’m the world’s most amazing dog.

The seniors say I’m megalomaniac (whatever that might mean) and an arrogant little brat, but what do they know? They’re old. I know that Mom loves me very much exactly as I am, but I only show her my affection when she sleeps. It’s then when I jump in her bed and snuggle against her legs.



Anyway, before I get sentimental, I use the time sitting undisturbed at Mom’s computer to tell you folks the story of how I and Mom and the seniors ended up in South Carolina.

I already told you about my first year as a street dog (meh) in Portugal before Mom rescued me. So, she brought me to Germany. The first thing I noticed there was that it’s freaking cold. I mean, REALLY cold. Always. Well, most of the time.

It took me a while to get used to that and once I did (halfways at least), came the next big change. I already told you about the book I assisted Mom with – well, I did most of the work, but humans never fail to acknowledge that, right? Anyway, the book was the last in a series, and after that, Mom wanted to write something completely different, more serious. She was so excited about working on new ideas, and I was excited to watch her.

Then, one day she went out and came home completely upset. I was devastated seeing her like that. She said that her publisher and agent want her to publish under a male pen name from now on, or not publish at all.

I’m telling you, I have no idea who these people are but how DARE they make Mom so upset?!

“Show them to me! I bite them! I kill them all! They will regret they ever have been born!” I shouted.

But Mom just told me to stop barking, wtf?! Will humans ever learn our language? After all, we learn theirs, too. They seem so smart, can open tin cans without big effort, but are unable to learn such basic things. I will never understand it.

Finally, Mom smiled, petting me and the seniors. She said: “Screw them. We’re going to America.”

Back then, I had no idea what she meant, but she seemed excited about it, so I was, too. If I knew it would mean, she will put me in a bag for nine hours and sit with me in a loud, narrow thing constantly shaking with many strangers around us (who all got food, only I did not!), I probably would have reacted differently.

It’s how we ended up in a place called Greenville, South Carolina. And you know what? It’s awesome here! Everybody loves dogs, and the weather is ALWAYS nice and warm. Well, most of the time.

And the best thing: Mom can write her books under her real name and publish the stories she always wanted to tell.

After three years of hard work and ups and downs, we did it. Mom’s first book in English is coming out soon. Well, of course, it was me who did most of the work, but whatever.

More about this later. Mom’s coming back from a game she calls tennis. And I thought only us dogs like chasing balls… humans are strange. But we love them, right?

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