Hi there, fans!

It’s me, Gaby. The world’s most amazing assistant a novelist can wish for.

My Mom…uhm, my boss is out of the house again. She’s swimming; it’s what she does every day. I have no clue why. I hate water. It’s wet!

Anyways, since she’s gone, I can use her laptop in peace without that she notices. Ha!

Last time, I told you about how I became the junior assistant of a novelist, but there’s so much more to tell…

Shortly after my arrival, I was assigned my first book. It turned out that Mom is working on something called a trilogy. At first, I thought it was a dog cookie recipe, but nope. Sneering, the two senior assistants explained to me that what she really does, is writing stories. It’s why she sits at her desk many hours every day instead of doing something fun, such as nap or destroy cushions. Humans are strange. But we still love them, right?

However, the seniors already each had a book in the trilogy assigned to them.

Now it was my turn. Assisting is a hard job, you know? It requires hanging out next to Mom for many hours every day, next to or under her desk. Sometimes, she walks around the house, talking to herself. At first, I thought that’s pretty creepy, but the seniors told me, it’s no big deal. She’s just testing how the dialogues sound when spoken out aloud. It’s still all Greek to me, but, oh well.

Sometimes, Mom just sits there, staring out of the window without moving. I thought she was dead when I saw it for the first time. But when I ran to the seniors and told them, something is wrong, they just gave me an amused look and explained she’s actually working in her head. Plotting. Back then, I had no clue what that means, but meanwhile, I’m getting the hang of it.

She’s creating worlds and people in her head. It’s totally useless in my opinion but I still think Mom is great. She bought me a new bandana just yesterday!

Finally, after what seemed like forever to me (the seniors said it was actually four months in human time) she was done. And sometime later, the book arrived. Mom was so excited about it, but I wasn’t so impressed, to be honest.

It’s just paper! You can’t eat it. You can’t play with it. And when I tried to chew on it, Mom got upset with me.

But apparently, this is something humans love. Mom was happy, so was I. And after all, it was me who did most of the work on this strange thing, right?

Damn, somebody is at the door! I need to run… talk to you later!

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