Hi folks!

It’s Gaby again. The most amazing assistant an author could ever wish for. Sometimes I wonder if Mom knows how awesome I am. I mean, she tells me she loves me, but humans are strange, as everybody knows. Sometimes it’s difficult to read what’s going on in their heads. And my Mom, who’s also my boss, has her head in the clouds constantly, thinking of weird and sometimes scary things, which she then transforms into her books.

Besides, sometimes it seems to me she loves the two seniors more even though I’m the best dog she ever head. When talking to other humans, she sometimes says I’m a “Gremlin”, whatever that may be.

Anyway, today I’m writing to you because I want to share my latest, amazing accomplishment.

Look, what came in the mail!


Yeah, that’s a book. More precisely, that’s Shadow City, the book Mom has been working on so hard over the last year or so. Of course, not as hard as I did. Being her assistant, naturally, I did most of the work. After all, I barked at everyone who dared to come close to our house and disturb Mom when she’s working. Nobody is allowed to do that. NOBODY. Luckily, I was able to scare them away. Besides, I always listen and tilt my head knowingly when Mom talks about her work. The seniors taught me to do that. Apparently, humans think that’s super-cute. Anything that makes them happy, right?

However, so, this is the book. And I must say that I’m very proud of it. Of course, if something eatable came with the mail – say, a sausage or a steak- that would’ve been even better (Remember, books are not edible!). But I’m happy anyway. So is Mom. And hopefully, every human who buys Mom’s book.

I’d love to tell you what it is about, but I’m afraid I need to do that next time. Mom is at the door. She was out with her best friend. Her name is Heidi, and sometimes I’m a bit jealous because Mom likes her so much.

Anyway… more about the book next time. Gotta run, byyyyeee!

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