Hi there!

It’s Gaby, the world’s best assistant a novelist could dream of. Have you missed me? Of course, you have. Why wouldn’t you since I’m awesome.

Sorry for not talking to you for a while. Things have been busy at our house. Mom is preparing the launch of her new book and writing the sequel. That’s why she spends tons of time staring at her laptop and I did not have the chance to use it and write to you. Once she’s finally done with all her work, I’m usually so tired with assisting that I’m either asleep or not in the mood to do anything, you know?

However, today, she’s out and doing some boring human stuff, which means, this is my chance to finally catch up with you!

Did I ever tell you the story of how I, mom and the seniors ended up at this place called South Carolina? No? Well, time to change that then!

As you surely will still remember, I spent the first year of my life in Portugal as a street dog. Then mom rescued me and brought me to a place called Germany.

The first thing I noticed there was how cold it was. And I’m not talking about a little bit cold – I’m talking about freaking unbearable cold!

I had a hard time to adjust, I’m telling you. But once I finally did, the next change was about to come.

So, mom finished the book she was working on, MUC 3, which I proudly assisted in (well, basically I did all the most important work, but humans never see that, right?).  She was so happy and proud of it – and so was I. Then she started working on new ideas and was totally excited about them.

Until one day, she went out to do some human stuff and came back completely upset. The seniors and I ran towards her, concerned, trying to cheer her up.

She then explained that she had a meeting with her agent and publisher and they wanted her to publish under a male pen name from now on.

I got furious, I’m telling you! I have no idea who these people think they are but how dare they upset my mom so much?!

“Show me who they are, mom!” I yelled. “I bite them all! I make them regret ever being born!”

But instead of showing some gratitude, mom just told me I should stop barking. What the hell?! How is it possible that humans, as smart as they are (they know how to open a food can and operate these vehicles they use to bring us to the vet), are unable to catch up on our language? After all, we understand them too, right?

Finally, mom calmed down, petted me and the seniors and smiled.

“Screw them,” she said. “We’re going to America.”

We had no clue what that meant, but mom was so happy about it, that we got all excited, too. If I had known what that really meant  – being locked up in a bag for nine (!) hours and sit in a narrow vehicle full of strangers who all got food but me!- I, of course, would’ve reacted differently.

Finally, however, we arrived at this place called Greenville, South Carolina. And you know what? It’s awesome here! Everybody loves dogs, it’s almost always warm, and, most importantly, mom is happy here.

She says she finally can write and publish the stories she always had wanted to and is so proud of her latest book, which is coming out soon.

Of course, it was me who did most of the work, but who cares, as long as she’s happy, right? Humans are strange yet we love them anyway.

Oh! I hear a key in the door. Mom is coming back… next time I tell you more about the new book and the launch! Promise!

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