Alright, folks, this is it!

Mom has finally released her book, Shadow City. I and she have been working very hard on it over the last two years, and I have to say that I’m really proud – and a bit exhausted.

You see, as an author’s assistant, I learned that writers don’t just drink tea and write books. No, no…

After the book is finished, Mom edits it for months, isn’t that crazy? Working on the same piece over and over again? Meh, I get bored with my toys after only a few hours. Luckily I get new ones if I make the sad puppy face… or a treat. Humans are so easy to manipulate, ha!

Anyways, once Mom finishes her editing, she gets really busy. For the last couple of months, she has been preparing the book launch, marketing and such. While she was working on a new book!

Every day she sits there at her desk until late in the evening. And as long as she’s working I can’t relax since I have to assist, you know? From time to time I shoo away people who dare to walk by our house and disturb Mom or I sit there and watch what she’s doing. Sometimes my eyelids get so heavy that I need to take a nap though. Mom never wants to take a nap with me.

How can humans even live with so little sleep? I don’t get it. Mom drinks something called coffee every day. I sniffed on her cup once and can tell you: it’s disgusting!

At the beginning, I thought it was poison and worried Mom would die, but the seniors told me that it was okay. Humans drink that all the time and manage to live. It keeps them awake and functioning. Whatever… I stick to my naps.

The best time of the day is when Mom takes us on walks (provided it’s not raining, of course … I HATE rain). She says it’s her way to gather inspiration; her mind flows when she walks with us. I’m not sure what she means by that, but it’s good for us since we go on walks a lot. Which gives us enough time to read our daily news on the way.

But I’m drifting off, what did I even want to say? (See what happens when you work too much?)

Oh yeah. The book. It’s out! And people love it. They better, because I’ll bite anyone in the ankle who dares to say anything bad about the book. I put so much work into it, after all.

I think I should tell you what the book is about. There are dogs in it, that’s right!

But I’m afraid this will have to wait because Mom is at the door. She went to the store to get us treats and toys because I made a sad puppy face, haha.

Gotta run, folks, otherwise the seniors will take it all and leave nothing for me!

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