Hi everyone! How have you been?

It’s writer’s assistant Gaby again! Today I want to tell you how I got promoted from junior assistant to regular assistant.

Sadly, this is not a nice story. At all. So, if sad stories make you cry, you maybe want to pass on this one. My promotion came after senior assistant Polly went over the rainbow bridge.

That’s at least what mom told us, although I don’t quite understand why Polly would do that? Why would she leave usĀ  never to come back?

In October, Polly got seriously sick. It was the time when mom cried a lot, almost every day. When it was finally time to bring Polly to the rainbow bridge, mom was so devastated that she hardly could do anything for days. The remaining senior and I started to worry. We feared mom would get sick, too and go away. That would have been the end of the world for us.

Additionally, as I told you before in a previous post, it was the time when mom prepared the book launch of Shadow City – and was writing a new book. As if things weren’t stressful enough for her – and me!- Polly leaving us made everything worse.

In the end, mom managed to launch her book and finish the second one in time, but it was a huge struggle. Nobody knew what she was going through during that time but us.

Polly has been mom’s assistant for 15 years. She was there when mom worked in the movie industry, she accompanied her to castings, production meetings and even the set (I have no idea what these things are but I heard mom talking about it). Polly was there when mom worked in the video games industry and finally started her career as a novelist.

Mom was so happy about her book coming out, she was so proud and excited. However, one day I heard her say that she would cancel the book in the blink of an eye if only Polly could be with us for another year.

We miss Polly so much every day but mom is slowly getting better – thank goodness! I would never admit it publicly, but if mom’s sad, I am sad too. And even being promoted to a regular assistant couldn’t cheer me up.

All I could do was say: “Mom, don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. I will be assisting you with many books! After all, I’m doing most of the work anyway!”

She smiled and kissed me on my nose. I think for once, she understood what I’m saying.

Mom has big plans for the new year, and I’m ready to stand at her side no matter what.

Goodbye, Polly. Enjoy your time on the other side of the rainbow bridge. And keep an eye on us down here, ok?

We love you.

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