Hey! Here’s Gaby.

The world’s cutest dog (says mom, and mom knows everything), the best assistant a writer could wish for and your favorite blogger.

Have you missed me? I was pretty busy… we had a major change in our household and our lives.

If I may introduce, this is Eury. She’s a Catahoula Leopard mix (I know, what the hell is this supposed to be? Never heard of that breed either. But not everybody can be a proud Podenco Portuguese like me) and she’s the new junior assistant.

I tell you, it feels pretty good to be a regular assistant now, and to look down on a new junior! I shoo her around and bite her ear if she does something wrong. Which is basically all the time.

But let’s start at the beginning of this new episode in my life. Last time I told you how Polly went over the rainbow bridge, a story which makes mom still cry whenever she thinks of it.

We were all very depressed for a while. Then one week before Christmas mom left the house for a couple of hours, which is nothing unusual for her. Although I have to admit that I always wonder where humans go all the time. What could be better than staying at home with us or going on a walk together? I don’t get it.

Anyway, after a while mom came back and took the senior and me with her. We thought: yay, road trip! But instead mom drove us to a horrible place: the shelter.

I still remember my own time in the shelter very well. So, I got a bit nervous. But the senior just shook his head and said there’s no need to worry. Mom would never give us away, no matter what.

I relaxed and went in there with my head and tail up. After all, I had to show these other dogs in the kennels that I’m something better. I have a mom and a great home. They don’t. Ha!

Mom led us to a little dog with the most incredible blue eyes I’ve ever seen. We said hi in dog way and didn’t think any of it. Although it was a bit strange that this puppy was clinging to mom, outright hugging her.


Mom was happy to see that we get along. She signed some papers and took the puppy with us. I still didn’t think any of it. We sometimes take the neighbor dog with us when we go on a walk, which is no biggie.

But then we got home and mom said: “Welcome to your new home, Eury!”

The senior and I froze. Whaaaat? Nobody ever mentioned that this little thing would stay with us!

We were not amused in the first few days and gave the intruder hell, I’m telling you. But then we saw how happy mom was. After such a long time she was smiling and laughing again. So, we decided to let the puppy stay.

Meanwhile, Eury has been with us for six weeks and I wouldn’t wanna miss her anymore – although she’s annoying sometimes. She ate mom’s flip flop and then threw up on the rug. Eww… how can anyone be that stupid?

I’ll keep you updated how things go with her. For now, I need to finish and chase Eury around a bit. Talk to you later…

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