Hello there, everyone!

Gaby here. What’s up?

Spring is coming. It’s in the air, I can smell it… can you, too? Which makes me really tired…

Or maybe I’m tired because mom and I have been so busy lately? Perhaps it’s that.

So, mom is working like crazy, which means I have to work even harder, which is pretty exhausting. And Eury, our new junior assistant, isn’t much of a help. Most of the time she either destroys stuff, eats things she shouldn’t or distracts me from my job trying to play with me… ah, puppies.

I don’t know if I mentioned that before, but mom is bringing out two books this year instead of just one as she used to do.

She has explained to us that it’s a completely new series she wants to launch with her new book, Behind Blue Eyes. It’s Cyberpunk (whatever that may be…), and mom is super excited about it. Then, of course, so am I! After all, without me helping her every day, mom wouldn’t write a single word. Fact.

Here is the cover of mom’s new book, and I think it looks not bad. I would prefer seeing dogs chasing a squirrel on it and told mom so, but she wouldn’t listen. Instead, there are those blue eyes people on it, who apparently are very dangerous cyborgs. I don’t know what cyborgs are, but they look pretty mean and badass, don’t you think?

However, this is the reason why mom is so busy. The book is supposed to come out in May, and she needs to finish editing… which she apparently doesn’t like very much. I don’t see much difference to writing, to be honest with you. No matter if she writes or edits, she sits at her desk all day long, types and stares at her laptop.

This makes me so tired to watch!

And here’s what happened the other day: while assisting mom at work, I got so tired that I fell asleep… just a tiny nap, you know? I dreamed of those cyborg people chasing me, their scary blue eyes glowing in the dark. I ran as fast as I could, but they always caught up with me!

Then mom woke me up, petting my head and saying: “it’s just a dream! No need to be scared…”

Of course, I wasn’t scared. Nothing can scare me! But I would rather dream of chasing squirrels next time…

I wish mom would write about that… oh well.

Time for me to take a nap…blogging is so exhausting, I’m telling you!

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