MUC had a great echo with German media and press. Here some excerpts:

Press quotes (translated into English):

„Like a Hollywood movie in your head. Unique, original, well-constructed and very thrilling. So much more than “Mad Max” in Munich.”
– BR 5 – Kulturradio (Bavarian State Radio)


„Ready-to-film, genius, simply amazing! For us the best book 2015“
– Orkus! Magazin (Gothic Magazine for Music and Art)


„Who wants to experience a Sci-Fi trip through Munich, they haven´t seen before, should read Anna Mocikat´s “MUC”.”
– (Blog for culture events and art in Munich)


„Amazing debut in tradition of American dystopia novels. A must-read for genre fans but also suitable for newbies.“
 Biluma (Literature Blog)


„The writing style is so fluid that I seemed to fly through the pages. The suspense starts on the first page and constantly grows into a dramatic finale.”
– Mundo Libris (Literature Blog)


„Reading this book was like floating. You never stumble over anything not understandable, everything is described very scenically. It´s very easy to empathize with the main character.”
– DGF Magazin (German Gothic Magazine)


„Isn´t it enough to say that I love this book? An exciting Sci-Fi novel that I couldn´t put out of my hand until the end.”
Funkelglanz (Literature Blog)

Interviews (in German): (auch in der Printausgabe von 29.12.2014)

Reports and Reviews (in German):
Süddeutsche Zeitung in der Printausgabe von 02. Januar 2015