MUC – The Hidden City

“The Hidden City” is the sequel to my official debut novel “MUC”. It was published in November 2015, and I like it even better than the first book.

When I first started to develop the story of MUC and its characters, it was soon clear to me, that the story is too big for one book and that I would like to tell it in the classic way of a trilogy.

In a way, “MUC” is the exposition, “The Hidden City” the second act and the third book is the great finale.

Nevertheless, MUC 2 is written in a way that anyone can begin reading it without knowing the first book and still will understand everything. But I think, it is way more fun to start the story at the beginning …

In “The Hidden City” a great danger appears which threatens the existence of MUC and all its people: Utilitas, another big city from the north-west, plans an invasion.

MUC is outnumbered and out-gunned, and there‘s only one chance for survival. The enemy parties of the city have to work together and even find new allies from outside of MUC.

Accompanied by Sam and Elias, Pia is sent on a dangerous journey into the radioactive zone north-east of MUC where they hope to find the hidden city and its mysterious inhabitants and persuade them to help MUC in its darkest hour. A dramatic race against the clock begins …