eBook Novellas

The ebook novellas aren‘t full novels, but short stories up to 70 pages dealing with different topics of the “MUC-Universe”.

Robins Reise” is about Pia´s friend Robin and his expedition to the hidden supermarket. It explains his complicated feelings for Pia and why he is absent for several months in the main story.

Das große Sterben – The Grand Death”

This story is the prequel to the MUC series. It´s set in present Munich and explains how the terrible catastrophe called “The Grand Death” happened, which killed 98% of the world´s population and led to the situation which is described hundred years later in MUC and MUC2.

It´s the diary of a red-haired teenage girl who survived the plague and describes all the horrors first hand.

Falks Mission”

After a dangerous and exhausting journey, Falk and his people reach MUC. A Utilitas agent who has been undercover in the city for many years helps them to get inside.

Falk is disgusted when he sees MUC for the first time. For him, who grew up in Utilitas, the city seems chaotic and inefficient. But he knows that change will come soon.

The Utilitas spy knows about Hades, and it´s Falk´s job to infiltrate the underground organization.

After he claims to be a refugee, Ilja gives him a chance and lets him inside the hidden society of outcasts. But Falk´s only goal is to find out how the secret tunnel system works which the Hades people use. He abuses their trust…


Der Wächter – The Sentinel”

Dennis is a sentinel serving the Prophet of MUC. As everyone else in his profession, he had to leave his family when he was a child and was trained and indoctrinated into a fanatic follower of the cult.

Outsiders fear the sentinels as killers without compassion, but even they have feelings and thoughts of their own. Dennis will participate in all main incidents of “MUC” without being able to influence any of them. Yet his life will change forever…