Even though MUC is my official debut novel with a major German publishing house, this doesn’t mean it was the first book I have ever written.

My first book is called Xiang, I wrote it in 2005 and unfortunately wasn’t able to find a publisher for it. This is the reason why in 2011 I decided to self-publish the novel.

It is very different than anything that I have written ever since, but I still like it very much.

In a not so distant future, China has risen to dominate the world economically and politically, while the European economy has collapsed. Millions in Europe live in poverty, the streets are in horrible shape and crowded by cyclists since hardly anyone can afford to drive a car anymore – while Chinese cities drown in smog and pollution.

In this new society, people are willing to do almost anything for cash.

And the media has evolved as well. Everything is permitted.

The most popular show on TV is called “Freak Show”. It exploits candidates who agreed into mutilation of their bodies in horrific medical procedures. All in the hope to become rich since the winner of the show goes home with more money they could earn in a lifetime.

Emma, Jens, and Xiang are three young people who want nothing more but a better life in this brave new world. But are they willing to pay the price?