About Me

I was born in Warsaw, Poland, but have spent most of my life in Munich, Germany, where I attended film school to become a screenwriter.

After my professional education, I worked in the German film industry for several years, mostly as a scriptwriter, but I also produced and directed a few short films which were nominated for and won a couple of awards.

Being a huge fan of videogames since I can remember, I expanded my field of expertise and worked as a game writer in the German video game business for a while before I made my childhood dream come true by getting my first novel published.

I’ve been working as a novelist full-time ever since and there’s nothing I enjoy more than this job.


In 2016 I moved to the US and now live in South Carolina. Shadow City was my debut in English in 2019, and I’m excited about many more projects to come soon.

When not spending time in the worlds inside my head and writing about them, I enjoy walking my dogs, playing video games on my Xbox, reading, movies, listening to Gothic and Industrial music.

Yes, I’m a geek and proud of it  😉

If you want to hear me talking about the art of writing, my career and my life, check out my interview with Céline Terranova on her podcast The Part-Time Artist:


(Photos by Joshua Saari)