Behind Blue Eyes


Finally! The long-awaited fifth book in the Behind Blue Eyes series is here. The Tigress starts right where Last Stand ended.

The Angels have won the battle against Rosprom. But the war is only about to begin…



Three months have passed since Rosprom unleashed its offensive against Olympias.

The Angels won, but at what cost? Many Angels have died, and both Nephilim and Metatron have suffered life-threatening injuries.

But something good has also come out of the attack: Metatron has been appointed to the Board of Olympias, taking him an important step closer to achieving his goals.

However, one crucial piece of the puzzle is still missing, and to retrieve it, Nephilim must travel into the heart of enemy territory—to TogbuaXiang.

In its capital, Bangkok, she meets the Tigress, the legendary leader of the Wasps, TogbuaXiang’s elite cyborg troops. The Tigress offers her an alliance, but for that, Nephilim must do her a favor—a favor that could easily cost Nephilim her life.

Meanwhile, Metatron dives deep into Olympias’ political intrigues. To destroy the elites, he must become one of them. But danger lurks unseen: Jake has returned from Rosprom with a vengeance and only one goal: to kill Metatron.

The Behind Blue Eyes saga continues!



Neon Nights is my new cyberpunk detective series. It’s a direct Behind Blue Eyes spin-off featuring two of the most popular side characters of the series: the homicide detectives Siro Ferreira-Nunes and Kate Spader.

Neon Nights is set in Olympias City, the world of Behind Blue Eyes. It can be read as a standalone but is a must for all BBE fans.

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There’s no murder in paradise.

Homicide detective Siro Ferreira-Nunes must solve his most challenging case.

More and more people end up dead in the “city of dreams,” an allegedly perfect society. The victims haven’t just been murdered; they’ve been also horribly mutilated and stripped of their neural implants and augmentations. This is not the work of a serial killer but the signature of crime syndicates who sell the costly augmentations on the black market.

A specialist in organized crime, detective Ferreira-Nunes is the right man for job. Partnered with the sharp-witted Kate Spader, they delve into the seedy underworld of Oldtown, the megacity’s most notorious district, where life is cheap and criminal masterminds know how to evade the all-controlling “perfect” society of Olympias.

One of the victims, a popular TV star provides a surprising clue: behind his shiny smile the actor hid a shocking double life in Oldtown’s infamous redlight district. Was the man really just a victim?

The investigation leads Siro and Kate from Oldtown’s gritty shadows to the opulent penthouses of the elite in the skyscrapers above. After the detectives barely survive an assassination attempt on their lives, the Guardian Angels, Olympias’ notorious elite cyborg enforcers enter the stage.

But can they be trusted or are they following their own agenda?

“Neon Nights” is a spin-off from the acclaimed “Behind Blue Eyes” series but can be read as a standalone—an exciting mix of cyber intrigue, sex, and danger.

For fans of “Altered Carbon” and noir detective stories!


Behind Blue Eyes 4- Last Stand

Fans of the series had to wait twelve months to learn how Behind Blue Eyes continues. Now it’s finally available and despite the title, it’s not the last book in the series!




Don’t mess with Metatron– just don’t.

Nephilim barely survived the dramatic events of Behind Blue Eyes-War Games. Her body has been horribly damaged, yet her spirit is as unbroken as ever.

While Nephilim recovers from her injuries at Guardian Angel HQ, the High-Archangel plots revenge. Metatron takes the assault on Nephilim personally and will make those responsible pay.

If this means going against the Board of Olympias and starting a war with the elites, then so be it.

But Cillian Stavros is expecting an attack, and he isn’t the only powerful player who wants to see Metatron dead…

Meanwhile, Rosprom is preparing its biggest military offensive against Olympias with the goal of total destruction.

Only the Guardian Angels can stop the invasion. And only Nephilim can lead them into battle.

Will their desperate Last Stand be enough to avert a catastrophe?

Find out in the next chapter of Behind Blue Eyes—THE modern-day cyberpunk saga.



The first three books in my bestselling cyberpunk saga Behind Blue Eyes bundled as one. More than 1300 pages of cyberpunk action, cyborgs and futuristic megacities for a discounted price. Get your copy now and see for yourself why hundreds of reviewers LOVE the series.



In a future world ruled by warring mega-corporations, cyborg Nephilim believed she was fighting a righteous cause.

As a powerful, cybernetically enhanced elite soldier her job is to do all the dirty work for the mega-corporation she belongs to. She and her elite cyborg squad are deployed on the most dangerous missions – to protect Olympias from threats outside and inside at any cost.

One day, a malfunction in her implants separates her from the all-controlling grid. For the first time in her life, Nephilim is free.

She learns that everything she has believed in all her life is a lie and decides to defend her newfound freedom.

But Metatron, the leader of her unit, has very special plans for her future and won’t let her get away.

Soon, Nephilim finds herself hunted by the killer squads she once belonged to. She’s the best of them but will her skills be enough to survive?

Blade Runner meets John Wick with a badass female lead!


Books 1-3 of the bestselling cyberpunk saga!


“Behind Blue Eyes breathed new life into Cyberpunk! Anna Mocikat will surely go down as one of the greats in the genre!”

-Nathan A. Drescher, journalist



Behind Blue Eyes is my favorite and most popular series. I love nothing more than working on it!

Now book 3, War Games, is here! I’m incredibly proud of this book and hope you enjoy it as much as the two previous installments.

Find it here:

Behind Blue Eyes3- War Games


Every story has a dark side.

After learning of the Broker’s true identity, Nephilim battles contradicting memory flashes from her past. In horror, she realizes Metatron has erased her memory.

When she confronts him, he admits to the truth, but the stand-off takes a twist, and her world changes forever.

Meanwhile, the murder of the Guardian Angels continues. This time, the most gruesome one so far, the victim is someone very close to Nephilim.

Enraged, Nephilim sets out to find those responsible, but the whole thing’s a trap. The ones pulling the strings want to set an example on her to deliver a message to Metatron.

They’ll soon learn the wrath of a killer cyborg. But Nephilim won’t emerge from the battle without paying a horrible price.

And the war has only just begun…

The Behind Blue Eyes saga continues!



Behind Blue Eyes 2 – Fallen Angels is now available as Kindle, paperback and hardcover!

Get your copy now!

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Fallen Angels on Amazon

Olympias City is shaken by a series of unspeakably brutal murders.No one is allowed to know the shocking truth about who the victims are: Guardian Angels.

Someone is hunting the almost invincible cyborgs with the neon-blue eyes. Someone who knows their secrets and who uses a formerly unknown technology.

Promoted to Archangel, Nephilim is in charge of the investigation. It leads her into the underbelly of Olympias’ most notorious district, Oldtown, and also into the Inner Circle, where the elites reside.

Struggling with memory loss, Nephilim barely survives an attempt on her life.

It seems that the Guardian Angels have some very powerful enemies. If this wasn’t dangerous enough, the two other corporate global players, Rosprom and TogbuaXiang, scheme in the shadows to not only bring down the Angels but the entire city of Olympias.

Everything changes when Nephilim accompanies Metatron on a trip to Olympias City III, formerly Rio de Janeiro. There she discovers that nothing is what it seems and that Metatron is much more cunning and dangerous than anyone suspects.

Things get even more complicated when old friends from Nephilim’s past appear. Nephilim will have to decide on what side she wants to stand …

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Behind Blue Eyes

Read how the saga began!

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Behind Blue Eyes

They are the perfect hybrid between human and machine. They are the next step in the evolution of mankind. And when they come after you, nothing in the world will save you…

Welcome to the year 2095.

Society has overcome everything that made human life miserable. It has become perfect — so perfect that it needs killer cyborgs to hunt down anyone who disagrees with it.

Nephilim isn’t just any elite death squad member, she is the best. Genetically and cybernetically enhanced, she and others like her strike terror wherever they go. Knowing nothing besides this lifestyle, Nephilim believes that she’s part of a righteous cause.

But everything changes for her after a hostile EMP attack.
She suffers a severe system glitch. Disconnected from the grid, for the first time in her life, she begins doubting the system.
Shortly after the attack, she meets Jake, a 100% biological human, and she falls in love with him. Jake helps her discover that everything she had believed in was a lie.

But there is no walking away from the system. And soon, Nephilim finds herself hunted by members of her own death squad.
In an era of deception, who can she trust? And in this brave new world, is there a place for love between a human and a cyborg?

Behind Blue Eyes is a fast-paced, cinematic action story in a dystopian setting. It’s a modern-day version of 1984 – on steroids.


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