Space Punks


I’m thrilled to announce my latest project! Space Punks is an exciting blend of cyberpunk and space opera. The perfect read for fans of The Expanse and Cyberpunk 2077.

Space Punks

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The description:

One hundred years ago humanity won the war against Artificial Intelligence, but at a horrible price. At least so it seems…

David ends up in a high-security prison on the Martian moon Deimos, but he has no memory of how or why he got there—something that doesn’t really matter since anyone sent to this hellhole is sent there to die. Luckily, David meets Aztec, a purple-haired cyborg girl, who is as fierce as she is captivating.

Aztec isn’t in prison by coincidence: she’s been hired to help someone escape and brings David along on the jailbreak.

And that’s only the beginning of David’s adventure. He winds up on a spaceship with the most notorious mercenaries in the galaxy.

However, this crew is far more than mere guns-for-hire. Secrets and hidden identities abound aboard this mysterious vessel, which turns out to be a warship in disguise. As David struggles to reclaim his memories, he finds himself entangled in a vast conspiracy that holds the potential to reshape humanity’s fate.

And the seemingly defeated enemy lurks in the shadows, ready to strike again…

Cyborgs, robots, mechs, and epic space battles!

Spacepunks is an adrenaline-fueled adventure, the perfect read for fans of The Expanse and Cyberpunk 2077.