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“Behind Blue Eyes has a lot of really great action scenes and I think would translate well to cinema!”

-Grimdark Magazine

“SHADOW CITY is full of adventure, thrills, and twists and turns. The characters are fully realized and the swift pace keeps the story moving along, so readers will likely find themselves turning pages in rapid succession. ” 

-Indie Reader

Interview with IndieReader

“This exciting mashup of horror and action-adventure tropes is sure to have readers turning in for the next installment”

-Publishers Weekly

“There are aspects of fantasy, science-fiction, horror, and dystopia, and all blended together in a way that paints an H. R. Giger’s nightmarish world (…) Mocikat demonstrates her gift for injecting terror into her stories that cut to the core of our common fears and frailties.”

– Authors Reading

“In the new book Shadow City, Los Angeles is something straight out of an apocalyptic nightmare.”

– Victoria Irwin

Fangirl Nation

“I wish I could forget this novel so I could read it for the first time again!”

 -Christopher Hooley, author and radio host

The allusions to 1984 are particularly telling as Behind Blue Eyes serves as worthy successor”

 -Michael P. Hartnett, author of “The Blue Rat”

“It’s almost film-like and a lot of sequences made me feel I was watching an exciting blockbuster movie”

– Matthew Keeley

Author of “Turning the Hourglass”

“Wow, just wow! What a book!”

-Bozena Frejlich Reviews

“Behind Blue Eyes is like a history of tomorrow!

-Jim Keen, cyberpunk author

“Like GoT but Cyberpunk!”

-James L. Graetz, cyberpunk author

“Asimov gave us the definition of a robot, Mocikat gives us the definition of a cyborg!”

-Tom Kane, author


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