Cyber Squad

Cyber Squad is my newest book series. It’s LitRPG/Cyberpunk and published under my pen name A. K. Mocikat.

The series has three books, all available as Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, paperback, hardcover and audiobook.

Find Cyber Squad here:

Cyber Squad

Here the description:

Bugs suck. But what if they can kill you?

In times of VR games directly induced into the player’s brain, bugs aren’t an annoyance anymore – they have become a deadly menace. Known as game QA in earlier times, the Cyber Squad has been created to hunt them down.

Dressed in high-tech suits meant to keep their bodies and brains secure, Kai and his special unit of bug hunters enter the most dangerous VR game worlds.

But the Net holds mysteries beyond Kai’s imagination, and bugs turn out to be the least of the dangers he will face.

And this is only Level 1!

Here a link to your favorite digital store:

Cyber Squad – Level 1

And here the trailer: